Becky Kapell


MINNEAPOLIS STAR TRIBUNE: "This late-bloomer Minneapolis country crooner fell in with esteemed local twang vets Paul Bergen and Erik Koskinen to craft her debut album, “That Certain Ache.” Her smoky but tender voice recalls Jeannie C. Riley while her songwriting has a Lucinda Williams-like balance of down-and-out grit and hopeful beauty, with standout cuts including the bittersweet, slow-waltzing title track and the cool-rambling “Capable Man.” "

CITY PAGES: "Becky Kapell on why love is silly, how she wound up in 'Purple Rain,' and her new album, 'That Certain Ache'"

ST. ANTHONY PARK BUGLE: "It’s never too late to pick up a guitar"

RIFT: "Becky Kapell Has That Certain Ache"